Venice is best described by an aggregation of romantic adjectives that complete justice to the impeccable countenance and postcard beauty of the Italian stunner. Take a "vaporetto" a traditional boat and experience the grandeur and often documented beauty of the enchanting canal of Venice. Watch masterpieces of Renaissance architecture along with vintage administrative buildings. The striking gondolas that pass through the canal waterways also provide a super romantic backdrop to the sightseeing session. You will fall in love with Venice.



Venice is a picturesque montage of classic art, immortal beauty, Victorian sophistication and a seamless architectural heritage that draws hordes of tourists to the city that basks in the glow of timeless love and romance. Discover all the charm, beauty and history that Venice has to offer. Venice is the capital of Veneto and is located in Northern Italy. It is considered to be one of the world's most romantic destinations, making this a must-see on your travels through Europe.