"The most beautiful contact between land and sea took place at the Montenegrin littoral"

(Lord Byron)

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Montenegro is an ecological state. This fact grants it one of the primary posts in the tourist

maps. Exotic landscapes of incredible beauties are not any more distant and unapproachable.




The entire lenght of The Kotor Bay is 15 nautical miles or 28 km.  It is cut deeply into the coastline of the Southern part of the Adriatic, creating four spectacular bays ringend in mountains, the "fjords" of the Mediterranean.





Painters, poets, scientist, tourists, they all experienced the Kotor Bay in a different way. Everybody finds motive or inspiration for oneself, experiences it as something special, unusual, prodigious.


And the Bay of Kotor is on the list of World's natural and cultural heritage of UNESCO, and has been accepted in the Club of the most beautiful world bays.




Twilight in Kotor Bay
Twilight in Kotor Bay


The lion of Venice
The lion of Venice



The Region of Kotor, was inscribed on the World Heritage list of UNESCO in 1979.


The German World Heritage Foundation contributed to an international training symposium assisting local professionals with a management plan dealing with the threats to the values  of the site, posed by an uncontrolled urbanisation.

A balcony right on the sea
A balcony right on the sea





The Bay of Kotor is full  of differences, high mountains and extensive sea, two civilizations, the East and the West.


But all those differences in the Bay of Kotor unify.


It's easier to see the harmony of differences in its historical and cultural heritage, than in the nature pervaded everywhere by strong contrasts.



Ostrog Monastery
Ostrog Monastery





Remarkable is the presence of many civilizations, cultures,

and styles with prehistoric fossils of iliric, prelatin, latin, gothic, renaissance and baroc epochs.




During the Berlin Congress of 1878, Montenegro saw its independence from the Ottoman Empire and received international recognition in that year.  


The Prince at that time could so marry his daughter Elena to Vittorio Emanuele III, future heir to the throne of Italy.


Montenegro was Known previously under the name of Crna Gora, and was part of Yugoslavia since 1918. 


On the basis of a referendum held on 21 May 2006, it declared its independence on 3 June of that year.







With its quiteness it is undoubtedly one of the last undiscovered secrets of our planet.


It is a country whose vast natural and spiritual assets refuse to fit into any commercial pattern.




Only one hour car drive from Dubrovnik, Montenegro offers an unforgettable experience.


Sailing around the coasts you will breath exceptional natural beauties in combination with an atmosphere rich of history and culture.





This is a land where the mountains descend almost directly into the sea creating a surreal atmosphere.






Enjoy sailing around the Kotor Bay, a wonderful fiord among the mountains with its numerous small settlements.





Make a stop in the Medieval Kotor to soak in the typical Mediterranean lifestyle.


All Montenegrin towns are rich in architecture from various periods that take you the breath away and bring you back to the time when these structures were created.




Through the numerous events and festivals organized each year, you have the opportunity to learn more about the traditions and customs of this country.






Montenegro is all this and much more!